Painting the house during quarantine? Color choice could affect energy costs, Kissimmee Utility Authority says

Would you like to tackle some do-it-yourself projects around the house while you are being quarantined there this month? Will you cross the house off the list?

The Kissimmee Utility Authority is reminding you to think about a lighter color to reduce energy bills, especially in summer, which makes a difference here in Osceola County.

Many will be surprised to learn that color can dramatically affect energy efficiency. Before deciding on a new color for the exterior of your home, you should consider the pros and cons, otherwise there may be higher energy costs.

Dark colors absorb sunlight. This can cause the house to heat up, resulting in higher cooling costs in summer. This effect also leads to lower heating costs in the cooler monthss of the year.

Light colors like white and brown reflect sunlight. This causes the houses to get cooler in the summer. This will also lead to higher heating costs in the winter months. Lighter colors are best for homes in warmer regions like Florida. Dark colors are suitable for houses in cold northern climates, where heating bills tend to be higher.

Reward yourself this month with a fresh coat of paint on your house – and a lower KUA energy bill!

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