Painting that helped Marion artist heal to be used on ‘Dopesick’ set | Latest Headlines

This week, Cregger said the series will lease the painting for four months and he will be awarded a scholarship to use it.

A professional painting professional for nearly 20 years, Cregger began his career in a studio he set up in the smear room of his grandmother’s former Sugar Grove gas station grocery store. Cregger started this first studio when he returned to Smyth County from DC in 2005 to be closer to his grandmother, whom he then called his best friend. He had always been creative and studied art in college, but used those skills in graphic design until 2003. Then a feeling came over him. “I had something in me; I just wanted to paint. “

By painting, Cregger tries to understand what is happening. Rabbitrine was founded last year and said Rabbitrine helped him heal old but powerful wounds.

Cregger grew up here and suffered from bullying because he was gay. The abuse and intimidation came from teachers, fellow students, casual adults, and even family members, he said.

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