Painting rooms this colour has health benefits suggests psychology expert

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  • In times of uncertainty, color can prove to be a powerful tool for lifting spirits. From the clothes in our closets to the shadows on our walls, we look for color to fuel our emotions.

    Given the current climate, it’s no wonder that uplifting paint sales have increased over the past year as buyers want to welcome positive results into their homes during troubled times.

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    B&Q found that sales of brightly colored paints increased compared to the previous year. Shades of blue and green proved popular, with increases of 36% and 32%, respectively.

    Advantages of blue colors

    GoodHome color from B & Q.

    With the nation spending more time at home than ever before, it’s no wonder we’re interested in relaxing, cheerful colors to redecorate homes and improve our wellbeing. B&Q has teamed up with interior design psychology expert Niki Schafer to explain why we are drawn to these particular colors during stressful times.

    “Green and blue are very calming colors because they literally calm us down and (very slightly) lower our blood pressure,” explains Niki. “These colors are very suitable for bedrooms or as an accessory color in kitchens.”

    Niki continues, “Blue is also said to be productive and makes a great addition to home offices and gyms – perfect if you want to create a more permanent space for home training or working from home.”

    Home office with blue walls

    Photo credit: Mark Scott

    Are greens and blues popular too when we long to be outside ?! Are buyers more connected to nature and would like to invite nature for a helping of rest?

    Niki seems to believe this and says, “Green patterns, especially foliage, can affect our mood even more. They bring a double dose of positivity by introducing the calming theme of nature into our minds. ‘

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    Are you welcoming a touch of blue or green in your interior this year?

    The data is based on the sales of paint in 2019 versus 2020

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