Painting resumes on King City mural after vandalism | The King City Rustler

KING CITY – Painters had a delay in completing a mural on the side of Sun Street Centers in King City after someone defaced the project with replacement paint.

The paint was cleaned after last Friday’s incident and repainting began the next morning, with much of the mural restored in a short period of time.

Artist Bryan Luster said the vandalism would likely only delay the entire mural by a week. The original wall opening was set for Mother’s Day on May 9th, but has now been postponed to the end of May.

On April 23, Luster and Sun Street art students had taken a short break until 7-Eleven around 2 p.m. and returned minutes later to find that someone had put two gallons of paint in buckets on the entire mural as well splashed the floor.

“They didn’t really know what they were doing,” Luster said. “I think he liked colors and thought he could do a better job.”

The person in question was arrested by King City Police on Broadway, and Luster said drug use may have played a role in the outbreak, but the Friday incident appeared to be neither malicious nor personal.

“It’s fixable, it’s not that serious to me,” Luster said. “I just hope this person recovers from what they’re going through.”

Sun Street Center workers and volunteers worked together last Friday to remove paint from the floor after an unfinished mural was destroyed in the building on Broadway and South Mildred Avenue. (Sean Roney / Staff)

The Sun Street Center staff and guests were out shortly after to clean the paint before it dried on the wall and concrete.

After cleaning, progress resumed as much of the paint on the wall surface had dried thanks to the warm, windy afternoon. By Saturday, much of the blemished splash was gone, although some colors between flowers changed due to the availability of certain hues.

“We could modify a little, but it will stick to the original plan,” Luster said.

The design, which is a theme of “growth through community support”, was created by the youth at the treatment center to represent their community.

Luster teaches weekly classes at the Gonzales and King City branches at Sun Street Centers, which began last July.

Program manager Denise Velasquez said Luster gathered the youth’s ideas to create a garden scene that represents the center’s philosophy of encompassing compassion, hope, healing, sharing and flourishing.

Various art forms have been introduced into Lyre’s classes over the course of their duration. They started with pencil sketching, clay, casting stone, and painting and then moved on to a much larger project.

“The youngsters started coming up with ideas for the mural in November and started painting in April,” Velasquez said. “The entire project is expected to take around 40 hours.”

She said the project is funded and directed by the Monterey County’s Arts Council. Participants are adolescents from the Sun Street Centers Road to Success Pre-Diversion Program and the Sun Street Centers South County STEPS Program.

According to Velasquez, an exhibition of youth art is planned in the King City Outpatient Building on Broadway Street.

A new class will soon begin on the peninsula in the Family Recovery Community of the Sun Street Centers in Pueblo Del Mar, in which the next project will be determined.

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