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Cities are constantly changing, as are the buildings that contain them. One of the best practices for making changes quickly when freshening up a structure is with a couple of clean paint jobs.

Regardless of whether it is an interior or exterior painting for the whole house, a new look and a new life can be achieved for both in a short time. Many homes have been or are in the process of being painted across Washington recently, and there are a few reasons homeowners are taking the painting route this year.

NEUTRAL-PLUS: White moldings and black shutters complement the new exterior paintwork of this historic district.


Most homeowners have a list of projects they’d like to complete: taking out a wall between rooms, building a deck, tackling the landscaping, renovating a bathroom, building a shed – the list can be endless. However, this year the home improvement market is strong. With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no slowdown, more and more homeowners are coming to home improvement projects making their personal lists and the market is reflecting this.

According to, both Lowes Cos. Inc (Lowes Home Improvement) and the Tractor Supply Company reported profits and sales well above expectations, as did Scotts Miracle Grow as unprecedented numbers of people planting gardens and doing landscaping projects this year. Sherwin-Williams is another company that has also achieved significantly better sales than expected.

“People have more time at home and you see something you’ve wanted to work on for a while and suddenly you have the time,” said local realtor Scott Campbell.

The DIY tracker run by the Home Improvement Research Institute and the Farnsworth Group supports this theory. In surveys conducted every month from March to May, 72% of respondents said they had started a new DIY project in the past week. 87% in March, 81% in April and 75% in May said that they started their projects specifically because of COVID-19, they were at home more often. The top three projects for each three months were painting a room or the outside, planting landscapes, and maintaining the lawn.

TRENDING: This house on East Second Street combines the current trend towards rich, flashy blues and black accents and now appears against the backdrop of more neutral neighbors.


As with home improvement businesses, Beaufort County’s home sales have not slowed during the pandemic. With new acquisitions come renovations that suit the new homeowners. Often this can mean an exterior painting.

“When people move into a new house, be it an old house or a new one, they also spend money doing the things they want to do, to make it their own – be it painting, freshening up the porch or landscaping, “said Campbell.

Campbell, a downtown Washington resident, has documented the many projects he has seen over the past few months. He attributes many of these to new owners who are attracted by the accessibility of downtown housing.

“I think it’s a discovery of our really fantastic quality of life, especially downtown, where you can walk to everything, restaurants, the river – and all of the good things are within reach,” said Campbell.

Accented: Although this house on East Main Street is a very neutral light gray, its new black accents stand out on the moldings around the windows.


Every year there is a new round of trending paint colors, and some of these trends can be seen on a drive through town. The trend colors of 2020 range between neutral and bold – and neutral with strong accents. Noteworthy are black accents on window sills, moldings and doors, rich blue, deeper gray tones, olive green and taupes and tan paired with white, red or brown accents.

GO BOLD: Until recently, the condos on West Second Street and Hackney Avenue were painted white. This bold gray-blue exterior gives the buildings a fresh, contemporary look.

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