Painting Prairiesta Perfection |


Written by: David Elliott
Release date: 06-08-2021

It’s Prairiesta this week and brushes across the community have been busy making Russell look his best.

GJ Long painted a new mural on the north side of the Advantage Realty building on the 800 block of North Kansas Street. The mural features a large sunflower and wheat stalks that you can take a selfie in front of and make the wheat look like wings.

Local 4-H Club members have repainted the 4-H shamrock at the intersection of Wisconsin and Main Streets downtown. They even added a prairiesta cowboy hat.

Several volunteers repainted the horseshoes on State Street in front of Russell High School.

The City of Russell crews have also repainted the downtown light poles and street lines.

Even Waudby’s Sports Bar and Grill in downtown got a new paint job.

And the infamous Prairiesta Jail has also gotten a makeover, but that’s a whole different story.

(Photos courtesy of Advantage Realty and Marcia Gier.)



Prairiesta 4-H clover

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