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M.A few years ago, an art teacher said, “The artist’s job is to witness his time in history.”

In Cave Creek, artist Charlotte Loetz records the everyday events that make up the story of our lives.

“I’ve always loved to draw, especially people,” said Loetz, who was born in Wauseon, Ohio.

“I went to a county school in Ohio where the art teacher came by once a month to give the class art lessons, but that wasn’t enough for me. I am lucky that my parents encouraged my creativity. “

Loetz was taking art classes when she enrolled at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. She studied art education and French and Spanish. Shortly after graduating, Loetz took a position as an art teacher for five years before moving to high school as a foreign language teacher.

Loetz took time out of the classroom to raise five children as a mother at home. Loetz was busy with family activities and put her painting aside. When the children were of an age where they no longer needed as much attention, she returned to teaching and retired in 2008. As time went on to devote himself to acrylic and oil painting, Loetz joined the Black Swamp Art Guild in Bryan, Ohio. She met Nora Sallows, who soon became her mentor. Shortly after meeting Sallows, Loetz dropped the acrylic paints and concentrated on oil as a painting medium.

Sallows also introduced Loetz to open-air painting, which she loved more and more. Soon she was showing her art in the Black Swamp Art Guild in Bryan and the Black Swamp Arts League in Archbold, Ohio. She was offered a solo show at Napoleon, Ohio’s The Armory. During this time she was also a member of the Toledo Artists’ Club, exhibited in its annual portrait show for several years, and received honorable mentions.

In Arizona, Loetz joined the Sonoran Arts League and exhibited at several of their events. She participates in the Desert Foothills Land Trust fundraising art exhibitions.

To brush up on her skills, Loetz attended workshops with the Scottsdale Artists’ School in Scottsdale, where she enjoys the open studio opportunities for drawing and painting live models. She has also attended workshops at the Ciolem Gallery in Carefree. Loetz usually paints from photographs in her home studio in Cave Creek, but is willing to step into nature whenever possible to paint outdoors. She enjoys the challenge of capturing the changing tones and shadows of the desert in a changing light environment.

Loetz is expected to take part in a “Women Painting Women” exhibition planned for the Desert Foothills Library when it reopens in 2021. Further information about Charlotte Loetz can be found at She can also be contacted by email at [email protected]

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