Painting Drawn by Robot Sold for $700,000

A digital work of art by the humanoid robot Sophia was auctioned Thursday for $ 688,888 in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT), a digital signature stored in blockchain ledgers that allows anyone to admit the possession and authenticity of items check.

According to Reuters, NFTs have become the latest investment craze. A work of art will sell for nearly $ 70 million this month.

Sophia, unveiled in 2016, produced her art in collaboration with 31-year-old Italian digital artist Andrea Bonaceto, who is known for colorful portraits, some of which depict celebrities like Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

The robot has combined elements from Bonaceto’s works, art history and her own physical drawings or paintings on various surfaces several times in a process that her creator David Hanson describes as “iterative loops of evolution”.

The digital work, titled “Sophia Instantiation” is a 12 second MP4 file that shows the evolution from Bonaceto’s portrait to Sophia’s digital painting. She is accompanied by a physical work of art that Sophia painted on a printout of her self-portrait.

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