Painting details that contractors wish homeowners knew

DIY remains popular, but there can be benefits in hiring a professional for some projects. Painting by yourself can save you money. However, this is a tedious process, especially with multiple rooms that require priming and some painting.

In addition, mistakes can be costly. Reputable painters are considered experts in surface preparation, an important step that homeowners often skip. Professionals also have access to high quality paints and know how to apply them to withstand daily wear and tear. And not all colors are the same. The raw materials make a huge difference in the performance of the product.

Contractors want you to look at the bigger picture when choosing your color, experts say. Some companies focus on one characteristic of a product such as an exterior paint that is stain resistant. However, for this purpose, the product can easily crack and peel off.

Important questions to your contractor can be asked first whether the cost of paint is included in the estimate. It is also important to know what type of paint is being applied. Make sure the paint has a reputation for quality and is designed for the surface being painted.

Ask how many layers to apply and how to protect the other features of the room such as furniture. No matter how careful someone may be, paint drips or spills frequently.

Lastly, find out how long the project is likely to take so you can plan accordingly to avoid the areas during the painting and drying process.

Any painting project should take a lot of thought, especially when hiring a professional.

Mike Mundwiller, Field Development Manager at Benjamin Moore, offers some additional tips for those starting out on a painting project. As he explains, if you’re on a tight budget and willing to wait, some contractors may offer a discount during their slow time, which is usually the first quarter.

He suggests using at least three estimates when making your selection. Reputable contractors can describe the offer in a little more detail, e.g. B. What kind of product they are using. “Not all colors are created equal,” he says. “It’s like baking a cake. One ingredient can make one attribute strong but weaken another. “

For a better understanding of the products and assistance with your color choices, visit the manufacturer websites by reaching out to retailers for advice.

You can also direct other sources, such as the Painting Contractors Association (PCA). “Social media is another great way to discover painters who take pride in what they do. Lots of contractors work together and share best practices, ”he says.

“Talk to your neighbors and check the reviews online,” added Mundwiller. “Social media brings a lot of power to the consumer.”

Jeanine Matlow is a Metro Detroit interior designer who has become a freelance writer specializing in stories about interior design. You can reach her at [email protected]

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