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For Maureen Nelson, art is a way to relieve stress and retire.

Creating something with her hands, be it woodwork or painting, has been Nelson’s passion and therapy since she was a young woman. In summer she makes furniture and birdhouses out of wood, while in winter she turns to painting so she doesn’t have to warm up her wooden shop.

Though her art began with woodworking, Nelson found a niche painting when she had to paint signs for a craft fair in Prince George. When she moved to 100 Mile House three years ago, her interest in painting increased as she switched from craft paints to art paints and learned concepts like color theory from local artist Bobbie Crane.

Since then, Nelson, the self-taught artist, has been commissioned to produce nine paintings and has joined the Parkside Art Gallery. She kept painting, she said, when her partner Clifford Thorsteinson was out of town for three weeks working at Newcrest’s Red Chris Mine in Dease Lake.

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“I’m excited and just keep painting. I have to be detail-oriented and finish it well. I just like to mix and match the colors to create a finished product that can be shown to people, ”said Nelson, 63.

For Nelson, art is less of a talent than a way of experimenting with colors and colors.

Typically, she paints a wide range of things from pictures of cowboys on the track, flowers, nature, portraits, and animals. She is particularly proud of a painting of a moose that she recently completed. Her next big planned project will be a painting of her grandfather Victor Furrer on a horse drinking from a stream. The painting is based on a photo.

“It’s the story and sentimentality of it. It’s just a beautiful setting and it’ll be hard to paint, but if I just get something that catches my attention I’ll try. “

Nelson, who grew up in 100 Mile House, spent much of her time in the north before returning here to be with her partner. As an added bonus, their parents, Neil and Joan Law, still live in town so they are nice to be looked after.

One day Nelson hopes to collect enough pictures to put on her own show at Parkside but said she is currently selling all of her pictures before she can curate them for a show. She said it feels good, but surprising, when people buy her art.

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