Paint Track Painting Services Lunches Campaign to Give Back to Healthcare and Frontline Workers Fighting COVID-19

Invites other contractors and painters to join the campaign

On April 20th, Paint Track Painting Services announced the launch of “Remodel for a reason” Campaign to paint it forward. Their mission is to give back to COVID-19 health professionals and frontline workers by offering them ten free painting and remodeling services as a token of appreciation!

“We are in the middle of a pandemic that has disrupted our normal way of life. Many of us appreciate the hard work and dedication of healthcare workers who have spent countless hours in hospitals saving lives and protecting us while they are away and their loved ones, ”said Ray Rahni, general manager of Paint track. “As a token of our appreciation, we wanted to give something back to hardworking men and women who risk their own lives to save others. Just like the soldiers who fought for our freedom in the past, ”Rahni added.

If you work on the front lines or know someone you could nominate, please email [email protected] or comment on Paint Track’s Instagram or Facebook page. You can also fill out the form by clicking HERE

If you are a contractor looking to participate in your local business, send an email to [email protected] or comment on their Instagram or Facebook page. You can also fill out the form by clicking HERE

The free painting / remodeling services (valued up to $ 1,500 each) are offered to 10 publicly nominated health care or frontline workers. “Then we thought, why stop here? We can make this a nationwide challenge so that even more contractors can participate and provide similar free services to these dedicated groups of people in the communities where they work, ”Rahni added. “That’s why we encourage other painters and general contractors to participate “Remodel for a good reason” Expand a range of services for the same or similar services and encourage their peers to do the same. Material and supplies could be donated by local paint stores, paint manufacturers, or the contractor itself. “

Whether it’s a minor paint job or a major kitchen remodel, if the project is selected it will be completed for free to honor the hard work and dedication during this pandemic.

Paint Track Painting Services is a full-service residential and commercial painting company based in Westchester County, NY, committed to using VOC-free or low-VOC paint and other environmentally friendly products.

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