PA Mayor Tracks Down Teen Vandal Accused Of Spray-Painting Park Equipment, Hospital Building

A teenage boy who destroyed a hospital and park in Northampton County was discovered and arrested by a vigilant mayor.

The nameless teenager caught the eye of West Easton Mayor Dan DePaul as he looked out the window at Niko Park. reported.

“I saw a person walking alone, wearing a mask, carrying a stick and something else in the other hand, walking into the park and making their way to a garbage can,” DePaul told the point of sale.

“He looked in the trash can, removed the lid, lifted the liner and spilled the trash on the floor. Then he left the park and ran towards Wilson Borough, ”said the mayor.

Since the teenager left the jurisdiction, DePaul quickly got into his car and followed him to track him down on 20th Street, where he noticed a can of spray paint in his hand.

“He painted the letters ‘EBK’ on the back entrance of the hospital building,” said DePaul.

The teenager was arrested when DePaul contacted the police and issued quotes for graffiti.

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