Orlando Painting Company Announces Launch Of New Informative Website – Press Release

Summer Day Painting is based in Orlando, FL and provides world-class painting services to commercial and residential communities throughout the Central Florida area. The company is fully licensed and insured.

Summer Day Painting is proud to announce the launch of its comprehensive new website detailing their services and professional results. The Orlando painting company takes pride in its professionalism, integrity and durable workmanship for the customer’s home. The company’s portfolio includes interior and exterior paint projects across Orlando and across the Central Florida service area.

Painting the exterior of a house produces several results. It increases the attractiveness of the property; it improves the condition of the house if the structure of the house is properly prepared Orlando painter Team. In fact, Summer Day Painting is known for its diligence in preparing the exterior of the structure before applying any paint. With the right preparation, the paint lasts longer so that it doesn’t have to be renewed in a few years.

A professional paint job on the outside of the house protects it from harmful substances such as termites and moisture, and protects the investment from defects such as wood rot, powdery mildew and cracked concrete. The prep process begins by clearing a trench around the perimeter of the house so that the paint extends as far as possible to the foundation. The house is then pressure washed to remove chalk, dirt, and other debris so the paint doesn’t peel off in a short period of time. All areas that do not need to be paint are masked off and covered with plastic.

More details can be found at https://www.summerdaypainting.com/

Errors in the existing paint or in the siding are corrected as required by caulking or mending cracks. All paint stains that show traces of peeling are scraped off, sanded and primed to ensure a strong bond for the new paintwork. The entire house is sprayed with a protective sealer to lock in moisture, bind any leftover chalk, and provide an adhesive surface for the selected topcoat.

About the company:

Painting on summer day offers first class painting services as described on the new website. The company is fully licensed and insured to provide the highest level of satisfaction and security to every customer.

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