No mummers ‘lowed in: How Sean Panting wrote a parody to end 2020

CBC worked with satirical troubadour Sean Panting on a video about how quiet mumming will be in 2020. (Katie Rowe / CBC)

It wasn’t long before St. John’s singer Sean Panting found current references to wrap up in a fun new parody of Simani’s Christmas classic The Mummers Song.

“A scratch in the kitchen is all very well, but we’re following Janice Fitzgerald’s advice,” Panting sings in the pandemic-inspired tune written for CBC Radio’s St. John’s Morning Show.

Other texts refer to everything from COVID-19 questionnaires to the controversial fundraiser by Health Secretary John Haggie to people posting photos of parties on social media.

“It was so great … it didn’t take much note-taking,” said Panting, who has been writing satirical tunes for the Morning Show for years.

CLOCK | Sean Panting brings out a 2020 version of The Mummers Song:

Here’s Sean Panting with a current tune for Christmas in the time of COVID-19 … Apologies to Simani. 2:23

The original The Mummers Song celebrated old-fashioned janneying traditions, with wildly costumed friends visiting their neighbors and raising the roof.

Last week Janice Fitzgerald, chief medical officer for health, lowered the limit for informal gatherings to 20 people.

Panting, who supports the move, says this is the year ordinary mumming and partying take a break.

“2020 was a garbage year, you know – let’s not crush words,” said Panting with a laugh. “We’ve all lived the same life for the past few months … It’s really all filtered through our bones.”

Video by Mark Cumby and Katie Rowe from the CBC.

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