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Newcastle Painting Guide for Beginners

Oct 14

Painting Basics: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Painting is an art form that has been around for centuries. It's one of the most popular creative hobbies out there, and anyone can do it with a little bit of creativity! Whether you want to learn how to paint your kitchen cabinets or you're looking for something more challenging like painting landscapes, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about painting. If not satisfactory, you can contact painting Newcastle professionals from Painting Services Newcastle on (02) 4058 2871 for more insight.

Choosing a paint colour

Deciding on the paint colour as a beginner can be a tough choice. If you're painting your cabinets, it's best to choose a colour that complements the rest of your kitchen and doesn't make them stand out too much. Something like white or cream is often good for this purpose because they aren't very memorable but go well with other paint jobs in the room.

When choosing a colour, there are several things to look out for. Preferably avoid any strong primary colours such as blue, red or yellow unless you want something bright and bold standing out against the wall. Try looking at colour theory websites online to get ideas on which colours will match each other.

Preparing the surface

Now that you have the colour of choice, the surface you will paint needs to be prepared first. If there are any loose or flaking bits of paint, it will need repairing by applying wood filler and leaving it at least overnight before sanding down again once dry.

The surface should also be cleaned beforehand with a degreaser, wiped over several times until the residue from the surface has been removed completely. This helps ensure that oil-based paints can grip onto surfaces better, so they don't chip off easily after being painted on for too long.

Now your wall is ready! You have chosen your colour, repaired any damage if necessary and made sure everything was clean. Now you just need to apply the paint itself.

Paint application techniques

Applying the paint requires that you know some techniques to have a clean, smooth finish that looks neat and easy to maintain. Before setting off on your painting adventure in the home, you should always test out how much paint one surface requires for it not to look patchy or blotchy from being too dark or light once dry. This will also give you an idea of when you need to top up with more paint if needed. You can do this by placing dummy boards against the wall for each colour that you are going back over so that they become locked into place, then after about five minutes, recheck them before deciding whether any extra coats are required at all.

The most common form of application is using rollers, but some prefer brushes instead - choose whatever works best for you.

Cleaning up and maintaining your work

After you finish painting, you'll need to clean your tools. A sturdy bristled brush is recommended for this purpose.

Once you are done, wait until the paint has completely dried before using it again or putting anything back in its place - if not, there may be stains on these surfaces after they dry out, which can sometimes be difficult to remove.

When painting over gloss wallpaper, make sure that you use an undercoat as well; otherwise, your new finish will flake off very quickly and look quite unsightly overall!

After a couple of days have passed since completing your decorating project, go outside with some soapy water and a sponge to scrub away any drips from newly painted windowsills etc.

The painting process may seem complicated, but it doesn't have to be. If you follow the tips in this blog post and watch videos of professional painters or read tutorials, you'll be on your way to a beautifully painted room in no time!

Professional Painters

If you are not sure if you can do a good enough job to achieve the results that you want, it may be time for you to call in some professional painters. These guys have been trained specifically on how to use paint and other materials correctly to produce walls that look amazing and last much longer than those done by amateurs!

Do you need some painting projects done? Newcastle painting specialists from Painting Services Newcastle can do that job for you perfectly. To find out more about these services or if you need any help with your painting project at home, please do not hesitate to contact them on (02) 4058 2871, we would love to hear from you!


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