Mum finds ‘nightmare’ painting in house which people warn could ‘release evil’

A woman who recently moved into a new apartment with her partner was appalled to find a “really terrible” painting that the previous owner had left behind.

The anonymous person posted a photo on Mumsnet parents’ forum to ask for advice on what to do with the artwork.

Other mothers on the site were shocked by the horror-style image and suggested that the woman burn it instead of throwing it away, fearing it would “keep coming back”.

However, some suggested that burning the painting “Nightmare” could “release” the evil it contains.

Would you keep, sell, or burn this painting? Tell us in the comments …

Some thought the painting contained “evil”

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With the caption, she said, “I bought a lovely Victorian apartment with my partner, but the previous occupant left this really terrible painting.

“Am I unreasonable to just throw it away?

“Partner seems to think we can sell it!

“I just want it to be gone because just looking at it will give me nightmares.”

The painting shows three human Gothic figures with a skeleton frame, without hair and streaks of blood – one also had a gaping mouth with bared teeth.

“No matter how many times you sell this painting, it will end up on your wall in its place,” someone wrote.

The painting could be an amateur or some money, said mothers

The painting could be an amateur or some money, said mothers

While another said, “I understand why they left it!

“[Your partner] but is correct, someone will buy it, the previous owners clearly did. That saves landfilling.

“Although it may belong to the apartment and that’s why they left.

“You tried to dispose of it several times, but it kept popping up, mwahaaa!”

“I think you have to burn it or something – though that could set evil free,” added another.

Other posters thought the painting reminded them of “Dante’s Inferno,” while others thought it looked more like “Handsome Squidward.”

But not everyone was so disgusted with the piece.

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One art fan said, “Definitely sell it.

“Somebody spent a long time painting this and it would be horrible to throw it away.

“I like it a lot, but I don’t think the DCs would.”

“I think you should sell it, it’s good,” remarked another. “It should be quick.”

And a third added, “I actually like it a lot, but I’m a crazy man.”

A few even thought the painting might be worth something – and suggested that she check if it was signed.

One mother said, “Get it checked. Could be worth a pretty penny.

“It’s a fantastic painting, if that’s what you like …”

While another added, “Of course, in six months’ time to see it get an amazing rating on the Antiques Roadshow or on the news that goes up for £ three and a half million, you can be easily upset.”

Others recommended contacting the previous owner or posting the image on a free website for someone else to like.

We hope it doesn’t come back on its own when she does …

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