Mohammed bin Salman Pressured France to Lie About Phony Da Vinci Painting

According to reports, a new documentary will reveal that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman pressured the French government and the Louvre Museum to lie about the authenticity of the world’s most expensive painting, the “Salvator Mundi,” which he bought in 2017 Has. The documentary shows officials claiming that Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian stood up for the Crown Prince, who demanded that the painting be displayed alongside the Mona Lisa as “100 percent Leonardo da Vinci” in order to avoid public embarrassment save $ 450 million spent on a fake.

The Louvre’s engineering laboratory had reportedly concluded that it was not a full Da Vinci painting in 2019 and promptly notified its owners of the verdict. President Emmanuel Macron ultimately turned down Saudi demands, and the painting was never on display in the Louvre.

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