Minority contractors seeking a fair shake in Guilford County’s public projects | Local News

“Wait a minute, after 20, 30, 40 years you can’t find anyone? Come on, ”said McCants. “After a while you start to say, ‘What’s going on here? ‘”

That question prompted the Guilford County Board of Commissioners to recently sign two contracts that cover repairs to several public buildings in High Point for a total of $ 1.6 million.

Rather than awarding the contracts on July 16 as planned, the district officials delayed the vote until Thursday so the district administrators could learn more details about why the projects involved such low participation from minority companies.

The county officials had confirmed that the two major contractors in question had made the necessary “good faith” efforts to attract and involve minority subcontractors as part of their work plans, but had come relatively short.

Winston-Salem general contractor, Frank L. Blum Construction, had no black subcontractors involved in a proposed $ 907,059 contract for roofing and other repairs at the Guilford County Courthouse at High Point and a nearby county office building.

Blum’s offer distributed nearly 4% of the work, valued at around $ 35,000, to a painting and bricklaying company owned by a white woman.

The offer also involved significant labor for a roofing company owned by a white disabled veteran. However, district officials later determined that this was not relevant to Guilford’s contractual MWBE goal.

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