Meet Your Neighbor: Russell DeBord owns ​Pride in Painting in Gold Canyon

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Your name: Russell DeBord

Age: 60

Company name: Proud Painting LLC

City / neighborhood: Gold Canyon

Opening hours: Call or SMS anytime and leave a message

Personal background highlights: I am a third generation painter. I grew up in business.

Professional background highlights: In addition to being a third-generation painter, I was also a member of the Painters Union and completed an apprenticeship until I became a journeyman. I have been doing industrial painting in oil refineries for about 10 years. I worked commercially in schools, banks, libraries, fire stations, etc. I then worked in new-build painting apartments and houses.

What I do: I now only paint in residential areas and specialize in interior painting, although I also do exterior painting.

What I like best about doing business here: I moved to Arizona three years ago and I prefer the climate here.

What do I fund: My house painting is at your disposal.

What I’m looking forward to and why: I love the warmer weather here in Arizona. I also like to visit the old western towns.

Favorite community and why: I love to donate to Sunshine Acres to support what they are doing to help children.

When and why did I start my business / employment here: I started my painting business in Washington state in 2004 and got my Arizona license three years ago. I enjoy painting and want to help people with their painting needs. I like the happiness I give when my customers see a fresh coat of paint.

My family: I have been married to my wife, Virginia, for 13 years. I have two grown young men and two grandchildren.

My interests and hobbies: My wife and I love to dance ballroom dancing and to watch a relaxing movie before bed at the end of the day.

People who inspire me (and how): My mom always inspired me growing up with all the things she did to help me improve my life and show me how to make things better for others too.

My guiding philosophy: I live by the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. I thank God for the many blessings I have received in my life and for my good health.

My advice to today’s youth: Be nice to others. Look at both sides of the story. Try to find the good out of a bad event or situation. Take responsibility for your own actions and be independent.

Contact number: 480 329-2831

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