Meet Us Quickly: Painting for Justice from Prison

This control was also important for Antwan “Banks” Williams, who contributed two pieces and is not only an artist but also a co-creator and sound designer of the Ear Hustle podcast (Thomas is co-host).

Williams was released from San Quentin in 2019 but remembered how before COVID, “There were so many tours coming to San Quentin every day … it [felt] as if we were literally like animals in a zoo. People come and look and it’s … “Don’t pet the animals, you can’t get too close.” With the exhibition and the auction he added: “I hope that we are really seen as human beings. That we are valued.”

Although it was “a great loss to put the exhibition online to convey the breathtaking experience of the items discussed” due to COVID, DeWeaver was delighted with the results of the auction.

“I’m so proud of what the team did at this auction … we sold four pieces by three artists and I really think it’s a huge win. I spent twenty-one years in jail and I have never seen an incarcerated person receive compensation from a non-profit organization for their work. “

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