Maggi Thorne has partnered with Painting with the Stars to benefit underprivileged youth

Painting with the Stars is a unique organization. The fundraiser was created to “create awareness and support for nonprofits that bring disadvantaged youth access to the arts,” and works with high profile individuals who have no real painting experience to create unique works of art, they are then auctioned to help disadvantaged young people. While the celebrity pieces are being auctioned, 3-5 aspiring young artists also have the opportunity to sell their artwork.

Cristina Terzes, co-founder of Painting with the Stars, told ANWN that they “want to reach out to anyone who has a megaphone. A high-profile person like Maggi [Thorne]Without any art experience (we’re not talking about doodling or painting and slurping) an athlete and someone with an inspiring story is motivating for everyone. We want the Tom Bradys, Elon Musks, and everyone we can get. The mission goes beyond the physical movements of creating art. It has the power to help with self-esteem, creative thinking, individuality, spiritual well-being and much more, especially during the time of COVID when we feel cooped up. “

Maggi took a few minutes to speak on the phone in Tacoma for Season 13 and said, “For me, any program involving disadvantaged children has my heart. I didn’t have much as a kid, ”she explained. “I didn’t do sports when I was growing up, so I spent a lot of time drawing. To be clear, I’m not an artist, but I really enjoy it. “

Maggi also shared that her therapy included drawing during her recovery from her Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). She turned it into an opportunity to hang out with her daughter, share avocado toast, and draw mermaids together.

“When they turned to me, I was thrilled,” said Maggi. “It [art] was part of my journey. “

The celebrities are given basic art materials and are free to design their own. The goal is to show students that you don’t need fancy materials or fancy training to create a work of art.

Maggi has not decided what exactly she will paint. “Maybe something very abstract about my brain injury … or maybe a mermaid.”

The auction takes place in midsummer. Therefore, pay attention to further details. Other celebrities who attended include Jodie Sweetin and Tiffany Haddish. You can follow Painting with the Stars on Instagram or Facebook.

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