Local contractors donate to WASD Life Skills house

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series of stories documenting the renovation process of the Waynesboro Area Area School District’s Life Skills home.

WAYNESBORO – Local contractors are helping bring the Life Skills House in the Waynesboro School District closer to full functionality. In mid-November, the district closed the property at 324 W. Fourth St. in Waynesboro and is being converted into a place to enrich the learning of special needs children.

According to WASD Superintendent Dr. Tod Kline bought the three bedroom, two bath brick home for $ 128,000 with no taxpayer money.

“Our plan is to bring our students with special needs here and teach them everyday skills,” said Sherri Sullivan, the district’s special education director.

District officials estimated the home would need nearly $ 25,000 in renovations, including accessibility improvements and cosmetic work, as well as a new roof and equipment.

“Right now we have a community member ready to pull the troops together to do much of the work in kind,” said Kline.

A Urey and his wife Cori own Temperature Matters LLC, a Waynesboro-based heating and air conditioning company, and will help keep the West Fourth Street property cool.

“We donate 100 percent of the manpower and materials for the project,” he said.

“My wife teaches at Fairview Elementary and brought it to my attention,” said Urey. “Then Joe Shull, who is running the project with Dade Royer, contacted me and asked if we were interested and if we would offer the project. Right behind the gate I told him we could beat any price because we were donating a system. He was shocked, but I always went to great lengths to do things for the church and this was a perfect opportunity to give back. That’s what we’re here for. “

Installation of the new air conditioning will begin after the interior renovations and walls are completed later this summer.

Another contractor who left his mark on the property is Kevin Hammond of Hammond’s painting in Waynesboro.

“We’re repainting the interior ceiling, walls, and siding, and the block on the outside of the garage,” said Hammond. “Joe Shull also reached out to me and asked if we could give them an award, and then, the more we thought about it, the more we wanted to give back and donate to the school, the work and the costs. “

According to Hammond, Sherwin-Williams Paints in Waynesboro is donating the paint buckets for the project.

“They have always worked hand in hand with me to help with projects,” said Hammond. “I think this is a great opportunity for the school district to bring this service to the children, and it is a great opportunity for us to give back for a good cause. “

Hammond went on to say, “It’s really great for me to see the community come together and support the project.”

The painting is expected to begin in late July.

“There is no word to express the gratitude we have for their service. It’s huge that people get up and say they want to help our students, “Sullivan said.” I am excited about this house, I love this house. This (house) gives them hope for their future. I hope that as the Toad continues, we will always have support for the house and its mission for our students. “

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