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A Facebook poll resulted in a Newton man winning a free outdoor house painting.

Ryan Illingworth started his own business more than three years ago with the help of his fiancé Casey Greene – Rybo’s Painting & Handyman Services.

Illingworth had more than 15 years of experience starting his own company. Greene helped out with marketing to promote his business. After figuring out Rybo’s name for a few years, he got busier. With a good upswing in business from support in Newton and the surrounding communities, Illingworth and Greene felt it was time to give back.

“When we started this business three years ago, we made a commitment to give back to the community once we reached a certain point. We have been blessed, and what better way to lift the mood than with a fresh coat of paint? “Said Greene.

Illingworth lived in Newton all his life and wanted to help the community he grew up in. He hopes the free painting will help clean up a bit and give a house that needs a new coat of paint.

Illingworth gives Greene the honor of coming up with the idea.

“She’s always trying to get my name out to promote what we have. If it were up to me I would never have, but it’s all her, ”Illingworth said. “She is the brain of the operation.”

Over the summer, Greene announced the contest on Rybo’s Facebook page and created a type of poll asking people to nominate those in the community who could benefit from a free exterior paint job and why they deserved being selected will. People started commenting and nominations for the competition went bad. Illingworth and Greene took the time to ponder whoever had chosen a man they believed was deserved.

Chris West was nominated and received by his daughter Amanda. West nominated his daughter for being one of the most “selfless” people she knows.

“He has always been my point of contact and always ready to help anyone who needs help. He always puts his needs and desires in the background in order to be there for my sister, his grandchildren and me. I’m very grateful to him, ”said Amanda.

West was chosen because Greene said his daughter’s words “touched our hearts” about him.

“Chris has taken on a lot in the last few years and always seems to be the last to assert himself. His house was in need of a little facelift, so we felt he was a perfect fit, ”she said.

When they went west to tell him he had won, he was almost speechless when he got the news.

“He was just shocked and glad that there is still good going on in this town. Someone willing to take the time to do this free job for a man,” Illingworth said.

Rybo’s intends to make free home painting an annual competition. It’s a way to give back so that we can keep giving back to the Newton community.

“I think it worked out pretty well for us,” said Illingworth. “It will be good to keep doing it. We had some people who liked it. “

West’s house will be painted early next spring, weather permitting. Check the Rybo’s Painting Facebook page for details on when the next free painting survey will take place.

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