List of essential work contractors can carry out at Scots homes during lockdown

The Scottish government has come into the spotlight after it was discovered that painters worked at home in Nicola Sturgeon’s official residence during lockdown restrictions.

A whistleblower told the Daily Record that a group of workers were seen at Bute House in Edinburgh for several days last week.

The lockdown rules set by the government state that it is against the law for contractors not to do essential work on someone’s home.

“Cosmetic painting / decoration / interior design” are some of the examples included against the rules under the guidance.

Bute House in Edinburgh

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But Scottish government officials have denied that the work being done was not essential.

A spokesman said: “The major work on pinning the ceiling took place at Bute House in January and was completed on Monday.

“Contractors managed by Historic Environment Scotland follow all government guidelines and restrictions and adhere to Covid protocols at all times.”

So what kind of work has been given the green light to do during lockdown?

The home guidance states that work “should be strictly limited to the provision of essential or permitted goods and services at Level 4 or under lockdown restrictions”.

Workers should also exercise two meters physical distance, wear face covers, and practice “effective hygiene practices” when in a customer’s property.

The Bute House is Nicola Sturgeon’s official residence in Edinburgh

Contractors should not enter the home if any of the inmates are self-isolating – unless the work is essential for a health and safety emergency.

Strict measures have been taken to slow the spread of the coronavirus in Scotland.

Examples of the work that can be continued while locked are: ::

  • Utility engineers and telecommunications workers (e.g. electricity, gas, solid fuel, water, broadband) for the purpose of safety reviews, repairs, maintenance and installations (provided these cannot be delayed)
  • Urgent repairs and maintenance – time-critical repairs and maintenance that endanger household health and safety
  • Pest Control
  • Supply, installation and repair of essential household furniture and appliances such as washing machine, refrigerator, stove, etc.
  • Providing health, medical and veterinary care to residents, including animals, e.g. B. to prevent a health or welfare problem from occurring, or to address a current health or welfare problem
  • Relocation assistance services
  • Household cleaner, which provides services to support a clean and safe living environment for people in vulnerable circumstances who live with a disability and who are unable to clean their own homes because of those vulnerable circumstances or disabilities

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