Lancaster woman turns her house into a painting masterpiece

We have been told since we were young not to paint the walls. She was told that too. She just didn’t care.

We have been told since we were young not to paint the walls. She was told that too. She just didn’t care.

“I just look at paint like I don’t like it. I just paint over it,” said Tracy Anthony. “So I guess I wasn’t afraid to paint.”

It’s a hobby for Anthony; Painting. It’s been since her youth. Then get married, work, become a mother, start a business, get a divorce. Life essentially got in the way.

Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic, art found her again.

“I had to find something to do,” she said. “Until I could find another job. So I just started painting. “

After Anthony was fired from her well-paying retail job, he was drawn back to the brush and paints, adding a coat of passion that had long since dried. She tried her hand at watercolors that jumped off the page with details. Then she started painting her house on a bigger canvas.

She painted a mural in her dining room. Trees, bricks, candles, everything is painted.

The outside is a field of daisies with a butterfly (your front door matches a blue hummingbird). Inside the garage is a magical fairytale scene that can rival Alice in Wonderland.

Every “brick” above her stove in her kitchen is hand-painted. In her basement she is only half finished with an underwater mural with a shark, sunken pirate ship, sea animals and a mermaid.

“I would never have painted this mural if I hadn’t lost my job,” she said.

Every post on their Facebook has received tons of likes and shares.

“I feel good,” she said. “It’s my social medium as I’m here alone and it gives them something to look forward to.”

She has found the good side both literally and figuratively.

“I think everything happens for a reason,” she said. “For some reason I’m supposed to be painting now that I’m not working. So i paint. “

She paints and spreads more than acrylic, but self-reliance. Sure, because she lost her job, but she’s been through more. She beat breast cancer 13 years ago. Every day, she says, is a picture of its own.

“I value life and I will not hurt that I am,” she said. “God kept me here for a reason and I’ll enjoy it. I won’t have a self-pity party for myself. “

We’re not supposed to paint our walls. But sometimes, maybe that’s what we all need.

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