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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A love painter, a local painter, creates a larger than life Chiefs mural next to his family’s home.

“It’s a dream to have this cat in our neighborhood.”

Chris Chancey is a fan of the lifelong boss. He said letting Mahomes play for the Chiefs was a dream come true. He has dedicated most of his art to the young QB.

“It’s my boy, Mahomes,” said Chancey. “I mean, shoot. He is an inspiration to everyone at this point. So I’m a huge fan of his. That’s pretty much what most of my art is right now. “

He created this piece in hopes of drawing attention to his art business called Lemonade Art Gallery.

His wife, Christie Chancey, said the defending champions deserve the mural too.

“Everyone said, ‘You’re going to let him do that with your house?’ I say, “Of course!” He’s talented, we’re big Chiefs fans, so why not? This is the year for that. “

Jamie Escareno, a nearby neighbor, said the mural had special meaning to her.

“It’s very sentimental because we lost a nephew who gave us his season tickets. So when I look out the window it’s amazing to see. “

Chris Chancey started painting the mural over a week ago. He said he hoped to be ready by next week.

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