Jill Biden chooses painting by Black artist from Cincinnatti Ohio

The painting was made by Robert S. Duncanson, “the most famous African American painter during the Civil War”.

WASHINGTON DC, DC – It was announced Wednesday afternoon that First Lady Dr. Jill Biden was part of an ancient tradition as she helped Sen. Roy Blunt choose a gift for the Capitol Rotunda gift ceremony, which just happened to have Ohio roots.

During the events following her husband’s inauguration as President of the United States, Dr. Biden attended the donation ceremony in the country’s Capitol, where Sen. Blunt presented the painting that Dr. Biden had chosen for this momentous occasion.

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The painting “Landscape with a Rainbow” was painted in the 19th century by the famous black artist and painter Robert S. Duncanson of Cincinnati, Ohio, whom Blunt referred to as “the most famous African American painter” during the Civil War. ”

The artwork was donated by the Smithsonian American Art Museum for the special day.

“In this pastoral landscape, a young couple strolls through fertile pastureland to a house at the end of a rainbow,” states the Smithsonian American Art Museum website. “The cattle go home towards the nearby cottage, which reinforces the feeling that man lives in harmony with nature. Duncanson’s vision of rural America as Arcadia, a paradisiacal landscape, is a characteristic of his work, a late hope on peace before the start of the civil war. ”

Why did Dr. Did you choose this painting?

“I like the rainbow, good things to follow,” says Dr. Biden the crowd. “We hope so,” replies Senator Blunt.

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