Irvington man in search of lost quirky painting of his late grandfather

INDIANAPOLIS – A man from Irvington is looking for a lost family heirloom and needs your help getting it home.

“I really want it back because I want to pass it on to my children and their future grandchildren,” explains Mercer Suppiger.

Suppiger was only a boy when his parents sold a whimsical painting by his grandfather in a yard sale on East St. Clair Street. The painting was painted in the 1950s or 1960s by a family friend named Art White. White was an artist for Eli Lilly who created her packaging.

“Apparently there is some sort of vintage packaging for Lilly on the back of the painting. The artist may have turned an unprinted package over and painted it on the other side, ”explains Suppiger.

The painting itself is unique. It shows his grandfather, Neil, sitting in a chair wearing royal or academic regalia. He has thick rimmed glasses and is holding a fish on a line.

“He was an advertising rep for the national hardware retail association. I can’t explain the fish. I don’t know if my grandpa was a fisherman at all? “Laughs Soupiger,” My father tells me it’s a parody of another painting. “

Suppiger tries to find the painting again. He has a $ 100 reward for anyone who can help bring it home.

“When he was older, he got a really terrible case of Alzheimer’s, so I would love to remember him more,” says Suppiger.

If you think you have the painting or have clues as to where it is, you can contact our station or email Suppiger at [email protected]

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