Inventive artistry in faux painting and design turn the ordinary into extraordinary | Home & Garden

If the stencil and wall or surface are not 100 percent aligned, the final design will appear disjointed, uneven, and crooked.

Smith hires a local supplier to individually laser cut each of their stencils to ensure accuracy. She then glues the stencil onto the surface she is painting (a wall, door, ceiling, etc.) using spray glue or glue. The finished look can keep up with that of high-end wallpaper without ever having to worry about frizz or bubbly edges.

“Homeowners tend to minimize the clutter and decor in their homes,” said Smith. “Instead, several opt for an interesting, bold accent wall that takes center stage.”

To create a rough and rugged look, Smith applies plaster of paris to its surface and swirls around the product to create the desired effect.

“Rougher textures are definitely more graceful and easier to repair,” she said, also noting that first-time users definitely want to try the product on a sample board before sticking it on a large surface.

Smith prefers products with natural clay or limestone based formulations because they are easy to work with and non-toxic.

Smith also revels in creating artistry in unexpected places – on stairs, ceilings, moldings, and doors.

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