Interlochen Painter Starts Painting Wheelchair Wheels for Community

A commercial painter in Interlochen ventures into a new medium for painting – wheelchair bikes.

Scott Peer of Peer Painitng, LLC usually paints houses, but during the pandemic he tried a new technique – hydrodipping.

“It’s just a matter of putting a certain type of color on the water and then sliding the item through and it gets coated in a neat design,” said Scott.

His nephew Tyler came up with the idea of ​​painting the wheels of his wheelchair.

“Every other wheelchair you see doesn’t have a lot of paint,” Tyler said. “It’s usually black and a different color, and it was boring looking at the gray color that they were.”

It took a few days, but Tyler’s wheels went from dull and gray to what Tyler calls blue stone – which gave his daily ride a little personality.

“I don’t even remember my reaction,” said Tyler. “I was so surprised at how they turned out.”

“He was pretty excited,” said Scott. “He was ready to go back to school and show her off.”

Tyler’s response inspired Scott to do the same for others.

“After seeing his reaction to his bikes and realizing that he’s the only one with the coolest bikes in town right now, I should be able to help other people too.” he said.

Scott is currently looking for people who know someone who would like to have their wheelchair wheels painted for free.

“I think it’s a great idea for her to get it,” said Tyler. “Right now that the pandemic is going on, colors make people feel better.”

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