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We’re as hot as anyone in east Kansas. In response to my personal decision to continue running COVID-19 in air conditioning, I decided to follow my Pensacola sister’s lead and start a necessary home improvement project.

Don’t ask me why I chose interior painting! I swore I WOULD NEVER PAINT INTERIOR PAINTING AGAIN after the last interior painting project I did in our son’s house nine years ago.

Well of course I’m 75 now and I forgot. My husband, who is almost 75 years old, forgot to remind me! Show what happens after 50 years of marriage! We both forgot to remember the old adage, “Never say never.”

I decided my master bedroom, which hadn’t been painted in 18 years, needed a makeover along with my 18 year old bedspread. What could be nicer than an accent wall that has been painted to match the bedspread?

I had our sons remove a heavy, large set of shelves from the accent wall that I called my “dust catcher.” This left large hanging holes. I went on YouTube and took spackling lessons that required me to order supplies to be delivered. Actually, I think my new spackling skills are fine. I was also pretty good at picking the color that would go with my bedspread.

Unfortunately, my “pretty good skills” have left me. The blue tape did not appear to be properly attached. The trim brush was too big and not tapered. Red paint landed on the ceiling, wood paneling, and adjoining side walls.

Different spots of color seem to occur randomly. I managed to keep all of the paint drops on the kerchief so my 18 year old gray carpet isn’t covered in red dots! After applying two coats of paint, I applied “goop” to remove unwanted red paint and stop it.

I took a picture to send to my Pensacola sister as a reminder of how terrible an amateur painted wall could look and was shocked. It seemed beautiful. All I can say is that I am grateful that my old phone camera does not have a good resolution.

None of the paint runs show. In fact, all bugs seem to have been photoshopped automatically. I say automatically because I don’t have any Photoshop knowledge either.

Finally, I thought I should capture my LAST painting adventure in an email to friends as a COVID-19 update that contained a promise. “From now on, I swear to continue to paint Christmas candles.”

Once again, my spouse promised to remind me that getting paint jobs inside is crazy for me. He noted that if we don’t practice the COVID-19 precautions, I can work for professional painters and help the local economy. Ah what a relief.

No more painting adventures. When I speak of adventure, I remember one of my many life mantras: “If life is not an adventure, you are doing something wrong.”

At the age of 75, in the middle of a pandemic, I might have to reconsider that or just give up painting inside.

Sandra Hartley is a Miami County-based and retired director and co-founder of the Miami County Arts Coalition.

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