In Indie Adventure RPG Chicary, Players Save The World With Painting and Artistic Expression

With the release of Chicory: A Colorful Tale in spring 2021, the adorable adventure RPG should be on every artist’s wish list.

Developer Finji, best known for Night in the Woods, has announced its upcoming RPG adventure game Chicory: A Colorful Tale. Wandersong developer Greg Lobanov started a Kickstarter of Chicory in August 2019, which, thanks to the overwhelming response from fans, reached its funding goal within one day.

Chicory takes place in a 2D cartoon-style world where an unknown event has robbed all countries and objects of their life and color. The player controls an anthropomorphic dog named after the player’s favorite food and tries to restore the color of the universe with a magic brush.

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The title Chicory, a legendary and beloved artist, is the original owner of the brush and the player character has taken it over, potentially causing the world to lose its color. The player tries to talk to chicory but they fade with the life and color of the world around him. As the brave dog you are, explore the now colorless world, open up new territories and solve puzzles with your magical brush. Puzzle game fans will enjoy the freedom that puzzles have to offer. The developer states that all puzzle games have a solution, but it is up to the player and their own creativity how to solve them.

They’re not just trying to figure out what happened to the colors, however. There are also bosses and action sequences in the game so you fight to save the world for you and the NPCs. The further you go, the stronger the bond you have with your brush, which unlocks better skills. As you interact with NPCs, you will find that the history of chicory and the world around you has more to offer. As Chicory’s biggest fan, you are afraid that you cannot live up to their legacy. The story of the game is about building your confidence as an artist and a local hero.

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Lobanov wanted the player’s creativity to be the core element of the game, so that in chicory you could paint on everything and collect decorative items, clothes and plants. The game also includes other adorable minor features that indie game fans will appreciate, such as:

If you liked Animal Crossing’s Custom Design Editor, you’ll appreciate Chicory’s paint editor, which lets the player recreate classic works of art that are then framed in their home. There are also art classes in the game so players can make their drawings more satisfied. Her work is criticized and shown around the world, with NPCs admiring and appreciating her similarly to the Art Academy for Nintendo DS.

Fans of hand-drawn pen and ink-style graphics like Cozy Grove and Hollow Knight will appreciate the cartoony top-down graphics of Chicory. The style of play looks a bit simple, but is also suitable for a detailed world without color, in which the players can colorize. The developers saw an opportunity to make art a focal point of the game by paying homage to similar titles such as Epic Mickey, the main character used a magic brush, but the player’s creativity was never a priority.

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In addition to the single player mode, Chicory has a localized co-op mode so that players can paint the universe together. Player 1 controls the character while Player 2 controls a secondary brush, so the game has left plenty of room for an art contest. Co-op mode is available for solving the puzzles and side quests, so the game can technically be completed as a co-op experience.

Although no official release date has been given, Finji has announced that it will be Spring 2021 and it will be released on PC, PS5 and PS4. This adorable game is a must have for art fans who have a creative approach and at the same time want to save the world with their artwork.

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