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How to Paint Your Bathroom in 5 Easy Steps: Living with Lasting Appeal

Aug 2

If you're looking for a way to give your bathroom an overhaul with minimal effort, painting is the best option. Painting your bathroom can be done in five easy steps! It's much easier than what you might think and it will have a lasting appeal that will make all of the hard work worth it. Let's take a look at what type of paint for bathroom to use, what tools are needed, how long it takes to complete this task and what we'll cover today.

The best types of paint for bathrooms are latex paints. This is because they are water soluble and mold resistant, which makes them perfect to use in a moist environment like your bathroom with little cleanup needed!

There are many tools that you will need to complete the painting process, but make sure not to forget your painter's mask! This will protect against any fumes and help with breathing while working in an enclosed space like a bathroom. It can also prevent toxic chemicals from entering your bloodstream.

For anyone who is new to painting, it may take a little while to complete this project and for more experienced painters in Broomfield, CO it might be much quicker. The average time that people say they spend on an entire bathroom painting job is about five hours!

We'll cover what paints are best in the article today but what we're going to focus on are what tools you'll need, how long it takes and what steps to take!

Paint your bathroom to last with this tips, process and what tools to use!

Step One: Clean the surface of your bathroom. Use a damp cloth or paper towel in order to remove any dust particles that might have collected over time. This will allow for better paint adherence as well as reduce the risk of a paint job from peeling.

Step Two: Make sure to mask off any areas where you don't want the new paint to touch. This includes toilet, tub and sink surfaces as well as inside of cabinets or drawers that are near by. You can use painter's tape for this step!

Step Three: Start painting your walls. When painting your bathroom, it's always best to start with the trim work first and then move onto what is above that!

Step Four: Make sure you paint any cabinets or drawers near by as well. This will ensure a better looking final product in the end since it will look more like one cohesive space rather than two separate spaces.

Step Five: Remove what you've used to mask off the areas that will not be receiving paint. You can use a damp cloth or paper towel in order to do this easily since it's water soluble!

What type of paint for bathroom should I purchase?

The best types of paint for bathrooms are latex paints because they're water soluble and mold resistant. Benjamin Moore's Regal Select is the best paint for bathrooms!

How long does it take to paint a bathroom?

The average time that people say they spend on an entire painting job is about five hours! Depending on the experience level, this will change. For someone who has never painted before it may take a little while to complete the task and for someone who is more experienced it might be quicker.

Paint Like a Pro

Pick the right finish. Picking a satin or semi gloss coat for your bathroom paint is a great option because it’s more durable, offers a shinier finish when compared to eggshell paint, and cleans easily. Use the paint on walls, ceiling, in addition to trim pieces as many satin finishes are also stronger than before. Semi gloss is easy to use and tougher than water-based paints. It’s a good choice for anything from trim, the ceiling, and the walls—although it will make your room look shinier in contrast with all of those mildew stains you neglected to scrub off. High gloss is another option when painting a bathroom. This will create a shinier finish and offer more durability.

Wash the walls first. To make your aged bathroom walls look new again, first wash the walls. First, remove any mildew off of the walls and let it dry for a day or two. Then prime it with a sealant to help with adhesion. Once more, coat the surface with paint that can withstand both water and humidity like Zinsser's Perma-White. Remove mildew by wiping down the surface with a mixture of bleach and water, then wipe clean with just water. It's easier to clean up any messes when the walls are still wet, so make sure to do this part first!

Protect what you aren’t painting. Painting walls in a small bathroom can be challenging for multiple reasons, e.g., lack of space and the intricacies of corners etc. For any painting project, painter’s tape is essential to keep the "edge" clean and tidy. This type of paint will allow you to get into those nooks and crannies with ease because it doesn't just stay on the surface.

Paint, then wait. Once the paint has dried, let it stand overnight before taking a shower. Otherwise, any water that may splash onto the surface or trickle down from a running faucet will cause the paint to soften and peel off. Paint finish will last much longer if you wait for it to dry before using the bathroom.

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