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How to Paint the Exterior of Your Home in Golden, CO Faster and Easier

Aug 25

The exterior of your home is the first thing individuals see when they bring up to your house. It's also a big part of what offers you home, which is why it is necessary that you look after this location well. The truth is, painting can be pricey and also time consuming if you're not doing it right. This post will provide visitors with some guidelines on just how to paint their houses - from getting ready for the job all the way with to making certain everything looks terrific!

Here are the steps on how to correctly paint the exterior of your home in Golden, CO

Step 1: Pressure-Wash Walls

This step is crucial for preparing your home to be painted. Pressure-washing eliminates dirt, dust as well as various other pollutants that can bring about peeling paint when painting in addition to them.

Establish just how much pressure you need based upon the amount of dust on your walls. Utilize a nozzle with a minimum of 6000 psi.

Step 2: Repair Damaged Surfaces

If you have any damaged home windows, damaged trim or broke paint - it's time to care for this prior to painting! Damaged surfaces can bring about peeling paint.

Walk the entire perimeter of your house and also take note of damaged surface areas. Repair any splits or holes using an epoxy filler paste, making certain that these are completely dry before fining sand lightly.

Fix the damages with either timber filler as well as nails (for little chip marks) or utilize a putty knife for larger areas.

Step 3: Remove Loose Paint

This step can be done prior to painting or after. Loose paint externally of your home is a danger as well as needs to be eliminated to prevent it from exfoliating onto your fresh repainted surfaces! Use mineral spirits, turpentine or an additional solvent-based cleaner to get rid of loose paint.

Step 4: Caulk Trim

If you have trim on the exterior of your home, this action is really important. Caulking will maintain paint from removing in these areas as well as additionally offer a fresh coat of paint that much more resilience! Use silicone sealer to load any type of spaces between decks or home windows.

Step 5: Prime Stains

If you have any kind of discolorations on your exterior, these will certainly need to be eliminated prior to painting. Make use of a stress washer as well as an oil-based guide or try water based paint stripper for lighter colored surface areas and also tarnish cleaner for darker colors.

Step 6: Protect Doors, Windows and Lights

It is very important to look after your doors and windows prior to painting. Cover them with plastic or usage painter's tape - this will prevent paint from hopping on the trim around these locations.

Additionally, ensure that any type of lights you have in front of your home are shut off during the painting process! This is extremely vital as it can bring about electrical concerns.

Step 7: Paint Exterior

Load level or eggshell exterior paint shade right into sprayer. Relying on strength of hue, apply one or two coats of flat or eggshell exterior paint to the whole house. Make certain to work your means from top to bottom in a smooth, controlled way, overlapping each stroke by 8 inches.

Step 8: Paint Trim and Doors

Use 2 layers of exterior semigloss paint shade to woodwork as well as doors with a paintbrush. Get rid of plastic sheets from all home windows, doors, as well as lights.

The Length Of Time Does Exterior Paint Last For in Golden, CO

The life expectancy of exterior paint can be anywhere from three to 5 years. However, painting your home every two or three years is the most effective way to make certain that it will last for a long time! Painting on top of old layers of paint isn't advised as this can result in peeling off and fracturing in locations where you have not painted.

Exterior Painting is normally one of the most time-consuming parts of home enhancement. Nevertheless, painting your exterior can be done in a day and it will certainly last for several years ahead!

Steps on how to paint the outside of your house:

  • Stress wash any type of dirt or grime from wall surfaces with at least 6000 psi nozzle prior to painting.
  • Fix any kind of broken surface areas that might be present on your home.
  • Make use of a solvent (mineral spirits or turpentine) to remove loose paint from exterior walls. If painting prior to caulking, utilize this step rather than Action 6.
  • Caulk trim and voids with silicone sealant if needed.
  • Prime spots making use of an oil-based primer or a water based paint stripper.
  • Safeguard doors, windows as well as lights with plastic/painter's tape.
  • Paint 2 layers of exterior semigloss paint to woodwork as well as trim. 2 layers will make painting simpler in the future if you need to repair any areas due to peeling from too many layers of paint.
  • Remove all plastic and also painter's tape prior to painting the walls to stop peeling or cracking in areas that have actually already been repainted.
  • Exterior paint must last for three to 5 years with correct upkeep. However, painting every two or 3 years will certainly ensure a much longer lifespan of your exterior painting job!

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