How to paint: painting tips from experts

What is the best paint color …?

how to paint


For white decorations:

  • If the cladding is very architectural, then serious considerations must be made. If the cladding is just a partition between the wall and the ceiling, you can use a simple soft white like linen white or dune white from Benjamin Moore. – James Farmer
  • Whipped is our best-selling paint for moldings and walls, and there’s a reason it’s a fan favorite. This shade of white has a soft warmth that always feels inviting but doesn’t read too yellow.
  • Fresh Kicks is clean and bright with no undertones, and a true white like this looks great paired with clean, bright colors. For a modern monochrome look, paint and cut both walls that shade. – Nicole Gibbons

To add warmth to a rental property with poor lighting:

If you want to warm up a room with cooler light, go for versatile neutrality with warm undertones like Timeless. Timeless is a creamy and inviting cream color that will envelop your space in warmth and reflect light beautifully. A great option for a rental with less than perfect lighting. – Nicole Gibbons

Here’s how to make small rooms look bigger:

Paint your ceiling a faint blue. It lifts the ceiling in a visual perspective. – James Farmer

Current Mood is the complete opposite of the “safe neutrals” people tend to be, but it’s a rich, sophisticated color that’s perfect for bringing drama into a small space. A timeless neutral beige like our Neutral Territory is also the perfect color to open up a small space like a powder room. – Nicole Gibbons

If you want a neutral color that is not white:

Penthouse is a subtle shade of gray that is the perfect mix of warm and cold and is one of our best-selling neutrals. It’s a nifty shade that reflects light beautifully and has a light, airy feel to it. It’s an extremely versatile color that goes wonderfully with any color or pattern and would look great in any room. – Nicole Gibbons

How to create a calm and relaxing mood:

Using color to change the mood of a room is a great place to start your design process. Teal shades are perfect for creating a relaxed environment. Headspace is one of our bestsellers – it’s a soft and airy teal shade that gives any room a sense of calm and looks dreamy, paired with soft neutrals and a mix of patterns. – Nicole Gibbons

For someone trying a bold color for the first time:

A bold color is a commitment, so don’t do it half-heartedly. Paint the walls, paneling and ceilings! But maybe let the ceiling be a shade darker if there is a lot of light in the room or a shade lighter for the opposite. Greens are great for this application, especially muddy “un-colors” that aren’t too specific to a hue. I like Devonshire Green by Benjamin Moore. – James Farmer

If you’re looking to try a completely new color scheme and get bold for the first time, start small. Use the bold hue as a decorative paint or accent wall first and see how happy you live with it. If you want to try bold colors on a grand scale, stick with classic hues like deep greens and blues. At Clare, we’re seeing a trend towards bolder color choices like Goodnight Moon and Deep Dive. – Nicole Gibbons

These interviews were edited and condensed.

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