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Over 5 million houses are painted worldwide every year. Painting is one of the most important ways to transform a house. Let’s be realistic, nobody wants a boring looking house. Painting a house can be done through the acquisition of help from professionals or through basic DIY methods that can be found on the internet.

As fun and exciting as painting a house is, it can cost an arm and a leg. For example, hiring professional help can be costly as most painters require work depending on the painting style. This can either be spray painting or using brushes. Poorly done work can also lead to paint defects such as:

However, a good painting can take several years. There are several pointers to keep in mind when painting a house:

Color type

The type of paint used has a huge impact on the quality of the work done. Different consumers use different types of paint depending on what they want to achieve. Water-based paints are some of the most commonly used. This is because they are very convenient and have the following advantages:

1). Dries quickly

2). Great flexibility in minimizing cracks

3). High resistance to fading

Oil paints are used when a rich and lasting finish is desired, while Semi-Gloss is used for easy cleaning. Matte colors serve rough and aesthetic purposes. Using good quality paint may cost you significantly more, but it will last longer, so you can save coins on regular paint jobs.

Painting techniques

The technique used when painting by professionals or DIY enthusiasts affects the durability of the paint on the wall. Below are some techniques that can be used when painting:

1). Roll out the paint used in the edges for a smooth finish

2). Mix the paint to get an even color

3). Line floors with cloths to absorb spills

Color trends

Pampering with new and current hues is a great way to adapt a home to modern palettes. Color has the ability to drastically change the mood and feel of a room, identifying the consumer’s personality from soft and soft to daring and bold.

Current market trends indicate a surge towards more vibrant and eye-catching colors. For example, in 2019 consumers turned to statement colors, which include tinted accents and moody hues. These were found in deep greens, blues, and forest browns.

Current color trends still embrace these colors, but with a touch of versatility. For example, the classic blue is a new fan favorite with one of the top searches on the internet, with a touch of blue ranging from cobalt blue to sky blue. “This stems from the need to convey a sense of stability and calm while also conveying a sense of belonging,” says a source. White is also on trend as consumers want a clean and sterile finish in their homes.

Pastels are also making a comeback, with colors like ivory, aqua, lavender, and blush, popular for their ability to create warm and soothing undertones, among others. In the past three months, the search for neon colors has increased by 55%, especially for neon green.

Advantages of painting

Here are some benefits of adding a fresh coat of paint to your home:

  1. value

Painting your home is one way to add value to your home before selling it. It’s affordable because you don’t have to do a full remodel. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few extra coins on a clean new house?

In many cases, when moving to a new home, you likely did not choose the colors on the walls that were painted by the first tenant. Repainting your house makes you feel at home and choosing the right tones shows your personality.

  • Extends the life of vinyl glides

Vinyl pushing should take up to 50 years, but unfortunately our daily activities minimize its lifespan. Painting can prevent this from happening and make your vinyl look fresh and new. Not to mention that this is very economical and also extends its lifespan.

How to keep up with emerging trends

The changes in painting trends can be overwhelming. However, you don’t have to paint your entire house to keep up with popular colors. Here are some ideas on how to stay one step ahead of the curve:

  • Choose an accent wall and experiment with a vibrant or moody color
  • Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with earth or wood tones
  • Repeat your bathroom with art painting ideas
  • Revitalize old contemporary furniture with popular electric or cream colors

House painting is a great way to find out what suits your taste. The risk of being experimental can prove to be exactly what the house needs on the way to remodeling.

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