Home painting: Why pink has become the pandemic ‘It’ home colour

Often vicious pink has become the trending color everyone wants as we enter the second year of the COVID pandemic with good reason.

Pink has become the color of choice for Australian homeowners looking to home renovation to ease pandemic fear.

The pre-COVID popularity of darker hues has declined as home improvement and those who enjoy a more substantial home remodel choose light colors for a positive, cozy feel and avoid hues like gray, which can make rooms feel claustrophobic .

Australian retail group Bunnings continues to see paint sales jump 20 percent or more year over year as Australians convert money that could have been saved on a vacation into home improvements.

In early 2021, the focus will be heavily on pink.

“I know color flies out the door,” said Tracey Lefebure, general manager of merchandise at Bunnings, ahead of the long Easter weekend.

“And the trend color of the moment seems to be pale / blushing pinks.”

The latest research by a team at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany has shown that people from different parts of the world often associate the same colors with the same emotions.

Lead researcher Dr. Daniel Oberfeld-Twistel said the study was the first of its kind and found that color associations are extremely consistent around the world.

The study found that “color-emotion associations [can be] Fundamental to our shared cognitive architecture, ”like the feeling of calm that is generally associated with lighter shades of pink.

Haymes Paint color stylist Wendy Rennie says the vast majority of Australians underestimate how a particular color can affect our mood.

“People tend to choose colors that really pop, or white or neutral, based on the fact that they believe they have an impact, but they generally don’t understand the complexities of colors or how they make one Improve mood or create a shift or completely transform a room, ”she said.

“To choose the palette that works for you, you first need to think about the mood you want to create. Then, visit a paint shop and choose some patterns to put on the walls at home. “

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