Home Craftology Launches Diamond Painting Kits for Mindfulness – Press Release

This brand of DIY diamond painting kits offers quality and incredible designs. The company’s customer service is also recognized by its customers around the world.

Many people today suffer from emotional fatigue due to the insecurities created by the pandemic. To combat burnout, health professionals recommend using mindfulness tools. One tool that helps people keep themselves busy is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kit. Home Craftology, a high quality art kits company, is launching its diamond painting products to promote more art therapy opportunities.

“Let yourself be inspired by our large selection of art illustrations. We bring you breathtaking designs and legendary customer service, ”said the Home Craftology spokesman.

Diamond painting is a mix of cross stitch and painting by numbers. With this new craft kit, hobbyists can glue thousands of tiny resins or diamonds onto a canvas to complete a specific design. Users finish a design with an applicator for resins of various hues and textures. Some resins sparkle, others are simply textured. The finished artwork can be framed like a cross-stitch piece and used as a personal decor or charming gift to a friend, family member, or loved one.

Some of the designs from Home Craftology include the Mandala, Shiny Mandala, Lady in Diamonds, Happy Campers, Elephant, and Sepia Roses. The company offers square diamonds. Round diamonds can be selected from the Diamond Shape drop-down box in the shop section of the company’s website. The kits are now made with poured glue to prevent flow, wrinkles, or peeling of the glue while working on the canvas.

Each diamond malkit includes a full drill design, a fine fiber canvas with an elegant double weave texture, a super fine, detailed, printed design, color coded rhinestones, tweezers, a pen tool, a wax strip, and a diamond sorting bowl.

Customers who tried Home Craftology diamond painting kits provided feedback on their website. Their feedback has fully endorsed the brand, their quality, and their customer service experience.

Dominic P., who bought the bespoke design, said, “I love the picture you were able to take. It comes out beautifully. I love how your team keeps you updated on the progress of the order. Go ahead so.”

Deanna H., who bought the Honolulu Sunset Kit, said, “I love the canvas. The colors of the drills are very pretty. I’m so excited that glue is poured in now. This will look good when it’s done. Me have it I’m having problems with Home Craftology and the customer service is really good. “

Visit https://homecraftology.com to search and buy Home Craftology products.

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Home Craftology is a family business with a mission to provide world class diamond painting and exceptional customer support. The family behind the brand is a group of art fanatics – be it art, music, dance, literature, and songs. After several struggles, the family turned to handicrafts to face the challenges of life. After Home Craftology focused on providing high quality diamond paintings, it has grown into a community full of wonderful connections and friendships that the family made through their customers.

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