GR Artist’s Painting Hangs in Dax and Kristen’s House

I love it when Hollywood and West Michigan intersect. A lot seems to be happening and it has happened a couple of times to this favorite Michigan star (technically a couple).

Shannon Andrus, a West Michigan artist, recently posted on her Facebook page that she recently saw a painting she posted to Dax Shepard in the background of Dax’s Instagram post for an episode of his Armchair Expert podcast, meaning the picture is in the attic of Dax and Kristen’s house. The painting is from the two presenters of the podcast, Dax Shepard and Monica Padman.

Someone asked in the comments how she could get this picture on Dax and Kristen’s attic. Does she have a hobby of sneaking into celebrity homes and hiding art? This is how the painting came to Hollywood:

I took it to their live show a few years ago and gave it to their producer. I wasn’t sure if they ever got it from him, but I think so!

I would say he definitely got it and really likes it since it’s in the middle of the picture, although it’s strange that it took a couple of years to see it. Unless it’s hanging elsewhere and has just been moved.

Dax and Kristen have become one of our favorite Michigan stars because they have been to the mitten state a few times in the past few years as they are both from the east side of the state and have spent a considerable amount of time doing these trips back around Lake Michigan.

In addition to being a celebrity artist, Shannon also owns Hearts for the Arts Studio, a DIY art studio that allows you to explore your inner artist even if you have no experience. You’ll be across from Mitten Brewing Company in the parking lot behind Two Scott BBQ in case you want to post your picture and maybe show your artwork in Hollywood or somewhere cool.

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