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Fairfield’s Pat Goldhahn, with 25 years of painting experience, has grown a summer job into a full-time company, Pat’s Painting LLC.

Goldhahn from Fort Benton graduated from high school there in 1986. “My high school educators taught me how to do estimates and run a painting business – something they did over the summer,” Goldhahn said. “I followed suit and went into training and taught for 22 years.”

During class he painted when time allowed during the school year, but mostly in the summer. The demand for painting far exceeded the time he had worked part-time and resulted in him turning painting into a full-time career in recent years.

Goldhahn runs the painting business with his wife Windie. The couple moved to Windie’s hometown of Fairfield in 2016 when she was hired as a math teacher by the Sun River Valley School District. Goldhahn said he could run a painting business from anywhere.

The company, which is operated from the couple’s residence in the 15th division, specializes in interior and exterior painting and staining, but also makes epoxy resins on floors. In addition, the company repairs many windows, doors, panels, cabinets, etc.

Pat’s Painting does both commercial and private painting work from new buildings to repainting. “Our customer base consists of contractors, business owners, schools, hospitals, but mostly homeowners across Montana,” said Goldhahn.

Goldhahn said he primarily uses Sherwin-Williams products unless customers want him to buy paint from a local company.

“Our business has done very well,” he said. “The company’s success must be recognized for the people we have met through coaching and teaching, word of mouth from clients, contractors, social media and our website, Sherwin-Williams and other paint suppliers,” he said.

Goldhahn works full-time and his wife, whose school district works four days, comes to see him most Fridays, weekends, and summer. Her daughter Allix, a student and basketball player at Montana State University-Northern, will work for the company this summer.

They also have six full-time employees and one part-time employee. Usually they add staff in May or June and hire another four to six seasonal workers for the summer. “I had a few students who would come back and work in the summer,” said Goldhahn. “Summer is definitely the part of the year when there are lots of business opportunities.” If someone is interested in a summer position, Goldhahn has encouraged them to get in touch.

The Goldhahns are known for their family orientation and always ready to give something back to their community. They enjoy working with the young people they hire over the summer and seeing them grow and succeed.

“I definitely plan to continue growing and expanding the business, and establishing and building relationships with our customers. Regular customers are an important part of the business, ”said Goldhahn. “This lets us know that we are doing a great job.”

Goldhahn is proud to have helped some former employees to open their own painting business. “I would like to help others do this in the future,” he said.

The hours vary for the painting company, said Goldhahn. They often work when a company is closed or on a contractor’s schedule. He said the crew didn’t mind traveling for jobs that took them across the state.

“We promise precise, high-quality and efficient work,” said Goldhahn. “Over the past 25 years, we have built a reputation for always putting our customers first. Our crew has the experience and the tools to complete any project to your satisfaction. “

Goldhahn has built the company’s reputation by building good relationships with its customers and providing professional painting services with a personal touch. He shares pictures of previous jobs on the company’s Facebook page, Pat’s Painting LLC, and on the website

Goldhahn can be reached by cell phone at 855-1918 for more information or a quote for a job.

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