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The Lillian, who has charged another woman with stealing and painting her billy goat, speaks up. She said it was all a big misunderstanding and would like the charges to be dropped, but it won’t be that simple.

Erica Farmer was visiting her uncle and cousin who live on Zeena Lane when she said the little goat showed up. Farmer wanted to show her daughter and said she took the goat and redesigned it with nail stickers and a combination of colored shampoo and food coloring. She said she brought it back the following day, Sunday, February 28, 2021, with little concern for the dyed hair, calling it just a prank. Later that day, Baldwin County Sheriff’s MPs arrested her on charges of property theft and cruelty to animals.

The goat’s owner, Natasha Harris, had called the MPs. Harris said she was concerned when she got home on Saturday night and the goat was gone. Haris, who also lives on Zeena Lane, admitted the goat roams freely in the rural neighborhood. When Sunday morning came she found the goat safe at home, but painted from head to toe. She said a friend called her and showed her a Snapchat photo of her painted pet that had been posted and shared multiple times. Along with this caption, she believed some teenagers had stolen, abused, and spray-painted their goat.

“I thought children hold my goat tight and they are mean to him. That’s all I could think of, ”said Harris

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Then Harris said she called the law and the wheels of justice began to turn. An investigation led MPs to Erica Farmer. When Harris saw the story of Farmer’s arrest on the news, she found that she didn’t have all the facts when she called the sheriff’s office and reached out to Farmer.

“I told her I was sorry and I would do anything to help her get rid of the charges,” Harris said. “Now I know that my goat just died and there was no harm. He’s fine. He’s running around. “

The goat with the affectionate name Billy The Kid was born on Christmas Eve. He was carefree and had no idea of ​​all the hustle and bustle of his weekend getaway and his new hairstyle when we caught up with him. After Fox 10 News aired the story of the goat’s abduction and subsequent arrest, Harris also reached out to us to try to improve the record. She showed us that her granddaughter’s goat was fine, even though some of the blue paint wasn’t worn off.

“I mean, Easter is just around the corner. He can be an Easter bunny. Let’s go … Easter Billy, ”Harris said.

The big question now is, “What does this mean for Erica Farmer?” She said she apologized to Harris and the two are now friends. Given the new developments, she hopes the Baldwin County Prosecutor will consider dropping the case against her.

“I’m really sorry I wasted your time and I really hope you see this was a misunderstanding and please drop the case,” Farmer said, hoping someone in the prosecution would hear her request could.

Erica Farmer is currently charged with animal cruelty and property theft. Theft of livestock in Alabama is fraught with crime. District Attorney Bob Wilters told Fox 10 News that his office has a duty to examine all facts of this case before deciding whether or not to proceed with the prosecution, even if Harris does not pursue the charges.

Farmer said she intends to request a preliminary hearing at which she also hopes to address a state of their attachment that she said was difficult to take. She is currently not supposed to have any contact with animals, including her own dog.

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