Get Inspired by Woman-Owned Busy Bee Painting Company

Justina Kowalski wanted to become a nurse, she even got her LPN license, but her career path didn’t end there.

It started as a part-time gig when she was 17 and was in college. After another 17 years she owns her own painting business. The single mother of three boys opened the Busy Bee Painting Company in 2017.

What you need to know

  • Justina Kowalski opened the Busy Bee Painting Company in 2017
  • She paints walls, moldings, stairs, ceilings and paints to measure
  • The Busy Bee Painting Company can be reached at (585) -410-1429

“You know, children and life and so had their ways. I took a little break, but I decided to come back to it, so I ended up doing that and it just started from there, “said Kowalski.

She estimates she was painted from 25 foot ceilings in thousands of homes for cutting work and custom finishes. She is good at handling a brush, you can tell from her manicure. She credits her skills after working for two other paint companies. She needed the flexibility to be her own boss. She is not intimidated by a mostly male dominated business.

“When I look at something, I can only say what needs work and what doesn’t,” said Kowalski. “While other people may not have that talent. More or less, I feel like my attention to detail has definitely helped my business grow. I’ve had customers say, “Can you do this? Are you climbing the ladder ‘and I’m like,’ Yeah, little old me. ‘ “

Business runs in the family. Her grandpa was a homemade carpenter and her grandmother was a realtor. Justina says do what you love and it won’t feel like a job.

“I mean, who would have thought 17 years ago that I would do that to you now, let alone paint houses all over town. Just don’t give up. If you have your attitude, it is something and you persist and keep doing it. After all, I really believe everything is working out for the best. “

You can find more information about Busy Bee Painting Company on their website or on the Facebook page.

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