Geneva veteran brings military precision to Batavia painting company

BATAVIA – A new Batavia store allows you to go to work in the morning and come back to a freshly painted home. This is the selling point for Wow 1 Day Painting, which is run by Marc Novak and cousin Joe Novak, both from Geneva.

Marc Novak decided to start his own business last summer after returning from a four-year stint in the US Army. As a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, he completed several tours in Afghanistan.

Now, with his talents and those of his team, he can be brought to work on home and business renovations in a single day with military precision.

Marc Novak said the process starts with a free estimate and a tour of the construction site with the client to plan the project. Even preparation can be done on the all-in-one-day schedule.

“We patch and start gluing baseboards as needed and using a methodical system to turn them off,” he said. “We work hard. We don’t take many breaks.”

He said it’s all about the customer.

“It’s about making things as easy as possible for the customer,” said Marc Novak, citing convenience.

He said he was visiting 99 percent of the construction sites.

“I paint,” he said. “I’m not just selling the job and hiring subcontractors. We all have employees. I know my boys and I trust them. We work really well together. “

The company paints residential and commercial spaces in the Tri-Cities, Aurora, Naperville, Wheaton, and surrounding communities. He said the team repainted some restaurant bars overnight so there is no downtime for business.

The company also has a dedicated spray booth in its facility that offers an affordable alternative to kitchen remodeling by repainting the cabinet fronts.

“[One] I can bring the doors to our store and we spray them and give them a really nice finish, ”he said. “Not everyone has the equipment we have. Instead of buying brand new cabinets, we paint them for you and they look brand new. “

The company uses environmentally friendly latex products that are low in smoke.

“You won’t smell the paint the next morning,” said Marc Novak.

The company’s services extend to art painting techniques, drywall, wood filling and the replacement of baseboards.

For the outdoors, the company uses large sprayers that can get the job done faster and get a better finish, he said.

Marc Novak said he joined the army after graduating from college and went to air school and ranger selection. The lessons he has learned apply to his business.

“There is never an obstacle that you cannot overcome,” he said. “You work hard and get through the day.”

He is a member of the Batavia Veterans of Foreign Wars, where he volunteers. For more information, please contact 888-WOW1DAY (969-1329) or 773-213-3169 or

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