From virtual art lessons to in-person painting

ANNA MARIA ISLAND, Florida – Landscape artist and muralist Cory Wright spends all of her free time painting the beautiful scenery that only a unique place like Florida can offer.

In the past year of the pandemic, she faced more challenges and changes than she could ever have predicted.

“I taught a lot so as not to teach at all and then started just doing a few Zoom classes and realizing how much I missed the interaction,” Wright said. “There is no substitute for the real thing and being out there and painting out of life.”

“The gallery I’ve been to for seven years is closed. I had to go online a lot more to be my own promoter as a lot of artists have to be their own shameless self-promoters,” Wright said. “I think I’m just learning to be adaptable. When the gallery was closed, I was actively looking for other galleries and locations to show my work on the island. “

Wright has changed her business model a lot. Now offers a combination of zoom lessons, swallowing and painting classes, selling their art, and helping other artists participate in an online campaign called Artist Support Pledge.

“I look at it every day and every time I look at it I enjoy what works of art should do,” Wright said.

Wright paints much of her outdoor work outdoors, French for outdoor painting. However, her portfolio includes everything from boats, family portraits, beach landscapes, architecture, flowers, and commissioned work.

We went with her on the beach at Anna Maria Island when she was giving one of her first lessons with a new student.

“It’s a win, a win, and a perfect balance because I collect local artist work, take their courses, and enjoy buying their art,” said Deanne Bauer. “This is a wonderful opportunity to get along with a real live artist in real life in the fresh air and be grateful for where we are.”

Bauer took a couple of Zoom courses from Wright, but realized she needed more.

Michael Paluska, a reporter for ABC Action News, asked Bauer if she had tried painting outside by herself without help.

“Oh, forget it. I’ve tried this before … it’s not going anywhere,” said Bauer.

By the end of the course, Bauer was happy with her job and looked forward to doing more.

“Better than I thought, that means I have a good teacher,” said Bauer. “This is definitely something people should try. I was scared this was almost 63 years old and I’m scared to try outdoors and now.” What was I afraid of? “

Wright says painting is a very lonely profession. She looks forward to sharing her gift with others when we recover from the pandemic.

“Light a spark in someone else,” Wright said.

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