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Each profile is free to view and offers high quality insights that provide companies with detailed company information. Users can use this knowledge to identify, target and contact the right specialist retailer. This company information includes employee information, company competitors, the latest news, and more.

Free insights into the company profiles of specialist retailers:

  • List of product and service categories and primary operating industries
  • Risk of Generating Business Results
  • List of key executives and their roles within the company
  • Corporate finance and general organizational information
  • Global, national and regional competitors and insights for these companies
  • List of key customers
  • Top trends and challenges in the operational industry and expected impact on the business impact
  • Latest corporate news with the ability to sign up for timely news notifications

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Related industry groups for specialist retailers
BizVibe lists specialty retailers as part of their construction industry. This industry contains a total of 10 industry groups, all of which contain hundreds of company profiles that can be viewed for free. Related industry groups are:

  • housing
  • Motorway, road and bridge construction
  • Structure of a supply system
  • Construction equipment company

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Company profiles for buyers and sellers
BizVibe’s modern B2B platform is designed to help both global buyers and sellers. Based on the latest world class solutions, BizVibe offers outstanding product functionality for both category managers and sales professionals.

Features for buyers:

  • Find the right suppliers quickly
  • Create short lists and custom alerts
  • Reduce supplier risk and evaluate suppliers
  • Submit RFIs / RFPs

Find out how BizVibe is helping buyers:

Features for sellers:

  • Align the right sales prospects
  • Qualify leads
  • Analyze buyer potential
  • API integration and data enrichment

Find out how BizVibe is helping sellers:

About BizVibe
BizVibe was developed and built by a team Toronto, Bangalore, and London. We are a subsidiary of Infiniti Research and have our own units at all three locations. BizVibe helps buyers find the most relevant suppliers from around the world and helps sellers find potential customers who need their products and / or services. For more information, please visit and get started for free today.

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