Fans Allege North West’s Amazing Painting Is Paint By Numbers

After Kim posted a photo of North’s stunning painting, fans refused to believe the 7-year-old did it herself. You suspect it was a color by numbers.

Keeping up with the Kardashians Fans question Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram story. On Monday, Kim shared a photo of a painting she claimed her daughter North West had painted herself. The painting was very detailed and looked professional. While fans were initially shocked by North’s formidable artistic talents, they are now wondering if painting was actually an activity by color.

With Kanye West as her father, there is no doubt that North West is a talented little girl. Creativity is in her blood when Kanye started taking art classes at the age of 4. He later won prizes for his art. Although North is young, she has proven to be a girl of many talents. She designed her own clothes, walked the runways, sang in front of a large crowd and is now an artist. North and her friend Ryan took private art classes together. Both proud mothers have bragged about their artwork online. Most recently, North showed her creativity by leaving her mother with a declaration of love on the toilet roll in her home bathroom.

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Maybe North can’t paint as well as Kim Kardashian made it seem. When fans wondered whether or not North actually painted the landscape photo, they speculated about the truth. Twitter user @lexiijawn stated that she “refuses” to believe that North actually painted the photo. If North had really been that talented at such a young age, the family would have “exploited” their talent in front of a “random” post on Instagram. When others started engaging in the conversation, many thought North had painted it, but it was a “painting by numbers” activity.

As the conversation continued, a Twitter user actually came up to North’s defense. They explained that as a child they too had a private art teacher who helped them create paintings that resembled North’s. The user went on to say that the instructor usually walks the children through each step of the painting. Because of this step-by-step guide, the outcome of the child’s paintings usually leaves his families speechless, as does North’s. One actual artist added that this is actually the average skill area of ​​a North age child with the proper instructions and materials.

Nobody really knows the truth about whether North West painted it freehand, used a color by number, or if someone else had it painted for them, except for North and her mother Kim Kardashian. While fans continue to speculate in disbelief, they ask the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star to use a video of their painting to prove it was north. There is no doubt that North’s father, Kanye West, would be proud of this painting, even though he reportedly no longer lives with the family.

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Source: Lexxijawn

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