Facility Managers Streamline Painting Jobs With PPG Services

In addition to the day-to-day focus on operational optimization, the facility managers now have to deal more disciplined with health and safety standards in response to the pandemic. By juggling these heightened priorities, facility managers can use resources to streamline certain tasks and increase their overall efficiency.

Enter PPG Services – a digital solution that can be used to streamline administrative and general tasks for real estate or facility managers when working with professional paint companies. Launched in September 2019, PPG Services is a digital technology platform that streamlines project management and paint services for facility management teams and paint companies. It is aimed at companies with multiple locations at the national level, particularly real estate and facility managers overseeing large retail, office and hotel chains, as well as third-party facility management partners.

“We know our customers had to make many changes to their existing systems to stay open and functional, and understandably their priorities have shifted away from upgrading their rooms,” said John Stracquatanio, vice president of operations, PPG Services. “Our platform offers operational efficiency in the general maintenance and repair of shops, restaurants and hotels. It requires very little control on the part of the customer as we have optimized the entire painting process for them. The condition and aesthetics of the stores need not suffer while managers focus on these matters of much higher concern. “

PPG Services delivers:

  • A comprehensive solution for high quality paint products, access to established professional painters on a national level and the technology to streamline project management and meet customer needs.
  • Consistency, efficiency, speed and savings result from an end-to-end approach to simplifying and digitizing processes.
  • Customer-oriented services are based on a strong understanding of customer needs through PPG’s 135 years of industry experience.

Facility managers benefit from:

  • High quality PPG paint products for consistency across all projects.
  • Access to an approved pool of qualified painters across the country, ready at any time.
  • Allows budget planning and focus on better addressing the immediate needs of your location.
  • Project status visibility and reporting capabilities with custom dashboards and actionable reports.

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