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The culture of wearing a protective face mask from home due to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic is something that many people around the world are still not really used to.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has proven to be an uninvited visitor to the world who refused to leave and is still devastating with intensity. Hence, the need to remember to protect ourselves by following all COVID-19 precautions, which consistently wearing a face mask when leaving the house is high on the list.

What comes to mind now is how to constantly remind yourself and everyone living under your roof to wear their protective face mask before leaving home. In this regard, a protective face mask art painting on your bedroom and living room walls is your best bet.

Why do you need the face mask art painting in your room
Needless to say, the bedroom and living room are one of the key areas of your interior space as every other area of ​​your home coexists with the two. Because of this, putting your face mask art pictures up in your bedroom and living room is a perfect reminder to shield yourself from leaving the house.

If you wake up in the morning with the art painting and for some reason forget to put on your face mask when leaving the bedroom, the one in the living room will definitely remind you to pick it up and wear it off immediately before you set it up.

Ideal sections to build your face mask art images
Depending on how your bedroom is built and designed, this space will go well with your paintings if you have a massive wall area across from your bed. It simply means becoming aware of the reality of the pandemic because the truth is, COVID-19 is as real as it gets. However, unless you have a painter-friendly wall area across from your bed, both sides of your bedroom walls will be visible enough for the painting to serve its purpose.

As for the living room, any section of the wall can do the job. The quick section that you wouldn’t miss, especially if you are pressed for time and want to get out of the house quickly, is the walls near your front door. You will not miss the memory. The painting would remind you of the risk involved, not only for yourself but also for your loved ones, if you decide to look the other way and head out to the day without putting on your face mask.

Where do you get the protective face mask art pictures from?
Given that the pandemic is a global crisis, artists around the world have taken the initiative to create a series of paintings about protective measures, which of course include face masks. So the nearby art gallery, booth, or shop would serve you.

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