Experts warn ‘panting’ joggers to wear a mask when running past people


Joggers should consider wearing a face mask, two British experts warned on Tuesday.

Current UK government guidelines only mandate facial covers in certain indoor spaces, e.g. B. in public transport or in shops.

Devi Sridhar, professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh, said joggers should wear a mask if they’re likely to run past other people. “Runners should try to watch out for pedestrians as the sidewalks are designed for pedestrians, busy areas and main streets,” he said. Once in the open space, it would be prudent to “take off your mask and walk free”.

Trish Greenhalgh, professor of health sciences in primary care at the University of Oxford, warned Tuesday that people could catch COVID-19 from joggers who are breathing heavily as they pass.

“There is no doubt that the virus is in the air. There is no doubt that if you breathe in you can catch it and someone else is exhaling,” Greenhalgh told Good Morning Britain.

She added, “The jogger puffing and panting – you can feel your breath coming and sometimes you can feel your breath come in, so there’s no doubt that there is a danger there.”

There has been much debate over the past year about the risk of catching COVID-19 by air while exercising. Last May, Shini Somara from CGTN spoke to Bert Blocken from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands about his research mapping the flow of particles we exhale to see how fast movements affect them.

Blocken’s research found that professional cyclists were at significant risk of contracting COVID-19 when riding with an infected rider in the peloton. He told the RAZOR program, “If a rider catches a cold on the first day of a multi-stage race, the entire peloton will have that cold a few days later.”

You can see his explanation in the video above.

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