Envision Painting owner concentrates on earning high reviews, repeat business

Pete Schnepp said his company would not compromise to give someone a lower price. He wants his work to be quality. (Courtesy Envision Painting)

Pete Schnepp didn’t have a great marketing plan when he started Envision Painting 13 years ago. In fact, it was pretty easy.

“I’ve only just started knocking on doors and going from door to door,” said Schnepp. “I used Craigslist to advertise it all the time. It wasn’t the most efficient, but the way to earn someone’s business is to do a good job. Sure, after a while it will start to snow. “

His customer base grew year after year, including customers from residential, commercial and homeowner associations. And so the philosophy stayed in place.

“Our goal is to get a five-star rating every time we do a job for a client and ultimately earn their business for the next time they need a paint job,” he said. “Nowadays, a large part of our business consists of repeat customers and referrals because we combine that with all of our employees.”

Doing a good job means that no corners are cut, Schnepp said. The preparatory work is carried out thoroughly. The color is not watered down. And that means prices probably won’t be the lowest.

“We’re just a local company,” he said. “We treat people right. We are doing a good job. We’re not out there to be the cheapest contractor in town, but at the same time we’re usually not the most expensive. So we’re fair with customers. We treat them properly and as a result we grew up organically. “

Like many companies, Envision Painting suffered a downturn during the coronavirus pandemic. Schnepp estimates that business fell 50% to 75% in April. Nevertheless Schnepp tries to face the occasion for the community.

Following another friend of a contractor, Envision Painting used a portion of its marketing money to reimburse 50% of customer bills for those who ordered groceries at Gilbert restaurants on April 13th. Customers just had to like Envision’s Facebook page, fill out a form, and upload the receipt to receive an e-check.

Later in April, with the equipment already needed, Schnepp added disinfection to the services offered by Envision. And Envision does this disinfection free of charge for currently unoccupied non-profit organizations and “good causes”.

“To be honest, I’ve wanted to find out for a long time how I can make a contribution to the community,” said Schnepp. “And COVID just got me to get creative.”

Time to paint

Owner Pete Schnepp says when painting is usually in the eye of the beholder, but he suggests a few things homeowners should look for to help assess whether it is time to repaint the exterior of a house.

• Fading or peeling on the floor of the house

• Stucco cracks

• Flaking and deterioration of the fascia plate

Picture painting

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